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Sport Air Synthetic Filter Jeep CJ year 72-86 5,0 + 5,9 L 8 Cyl.

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Jeep CJ5 + CJ7 + CJ6 + CJ8 year 72-86 with 5,0 + 5,9 L 8 Cyl. V8 Engine

Outer diameter Ø 22,5 cm please check

Sport Synthetic Air Filter

Unlike other reusable air filters, our dry panel design never needs oiling, which keeps
your mass airflow sensor from being damaged by excess oil! Rugged Ridge performance high
flow filters are made from a synthetic fabric and not cotton. Cotton filters are made porous
and must be oiled to trap dirt and debris. But that oil reduces air flow through the filter
and it can become easily clogged. Our filters are wooven from synthetic fabric to allow
maximum air flow and particulate filtration.

Because our filters never need oiling, they can be cleaned easily with water instead of
degreaser, reducing the cost of maintaining the filter over the lifetime of your vehicle.

No oil = No fuss, no mess and improved performance!

Cleaning Instructions: